Time for the good stuff! This is where my imagination runs free, and wonders, "What if?" What would happen if Trixie & co met a couple of good ol' boys from Georgia? Or a pair of hot demon hunting brothers? Or traveled back to the Old West and other places. What sort of adventures might they have?

A word of warning to the Jim/Trixie shippers - the one "traditional" pairing universe I have is closed, but available for reading. But there are so many possibilities for other people to met and adventures to be had that it stands alone for traditional pairings. Instead, I take the road less traveled for romance and adventures!

A road trip gone awry takes Trixie, Honey and Diana to Hazzard, Georgia, and their lives change forever.

When Trixie and Honey cross paths with demon hunter brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, they truly discover a whole new world.

Travel back to 1882 and the Old West, where a special group of young people are slowly coming together.

If it doesn't fit elsewhere, it goes here!

My traditional universe. This is no longer being updated but the stories are still available for your reading pleasure.

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